#1 Social Impact Tool for Nonprofits

Centralized software to measure, understand, share, and replicate impact

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"With NGOrganize, I have managed to put all the information that was in my head into one platform. Creating a digital ‘single source of truth’ has let me delegate, increasing my team’s productivity.”

Kristen Rice, Executive Director at Color Me Empowered
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Get a complete picture of your social impact

Use a single system to manage, assess and report your organization's day-to-day operations and overall impact. Leverage a single solution to connect your organization's operations, programs, finances, and donors to provide insights on your impact and success.

The NGOrganize Platform' can be used to connect data from other tools or as stand alone modules.


Increase donor engagement

Show your donors the impact their dollars have while running analytics to better understand how to increase fund efficacy. Our dashboards show how your donors directly  impact your organization's success.

Focus on your mission, not administrative work

Use your staff's time to increase your revenue and organizational impact. Manual work, lack of visibility, and gathering data from multiple systems takes time away from focusing on your mission.


Don't just show success, replicate it

Leverage past and current performance data to help standardize your workflows. Understand the efficacy of funds and their impact to replicate your success.

Build your Theory of Change

Understand how operations connect to donors, finances, and your organization's impact. Use impact data to build your Theory of Change.

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NGOrganize helps nonprofits grow

Replicate success with NGOranize's path to impact / impact lifecycle


Streamline your staff's workload by managing data across your entire organization in a centralized location.


Leverage operational, financial, and impact data to continuously optimize your organization.


Showcase your organization's success to your donors, board, and other stakeholders to increase donor retention and revenue.


Optimize your theory of change by creating a repeatable process to impact and success.