Enterprise Impact Measurement & Management Software

Solutions to seamlessly integrate data, increase impact, and improve reporting for large companies, foundations, impact investors, and agencies

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Spend less time reporting and more time driving impact

Leverage centralized & live data to reduce reporting burdens and manual work so your team can focus on increasing impact.

Use real-time insights to drive decision-making

Make proactive decisions by understanding the performance of your outcomes & initiatives

Share your success with a Quantified Narrative

Engage public market investors, funders, regulators, customers, and employees with a quantified view of Impact across your organization. 

Impact Lifecycle Management

Understand impact and improve performance throughout the lifecycle of high-Impact projects and initiatives. Plan, execute, and ensure your initiatives meet Impact goals by integrating and analyzing operational, financial, and compliance data in real-time.


Comprehensive Impact Dashboards

Impact data already exists in every part of your organization, from operations to finance to HR and governance. Leverage Corecentra to integrate, manage, and report impact at every level of your org chart. Seamlessly pull in data from existing systems to create a 'single source of truth' to accelerate analysis and reporting.

Streamline Partner Communication

Leverage portals with approvals, alerts, and easy-to-use functionality to streamline data collection and communication with your 'last-mile' partners and data sources. Automatically convert and classify data from your partners into relevant impact metrics.


Automate Outcomes-oriented Impact Reporting

Analyze the outputs and outcomes of your programs in real-time, and automate reporting to easily support multiple impact frameworks, standards, and protocols. Re-design data management to shift your organization towards an 'Outcomes' mindset.

Increase Stakeholder Engagement

Demonstrate the impact of every dollar to your stakeholders, while running analytics to proactively improve fund efficacy. Leverage our proprietary dashboards and scorecards to create a comprehensive view of how your initiatives drive positive Impact outcomes.


Corecentra improves & accelerates social impact

Replicate success with Corecentra's proprietary impact-optimization workflows


Execute and refine your Theory of Change by creating a replicable, data-driven process to generate impact


Streamline your staff's workload by managing and reporting data across your entire organization with a single platform


Integrate and analyze operational, financial, and impact data in real-time to continuously improve your Impact.


Leverage a Quantified Narrative of Impact success to engage investors/funders, regulators, customers, and communities

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