ARPA Eligible Technology to Accelerate Recovery and Increase Resiliency

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Digital Infrastructure to Power Recovery & Resiliency

Automated grant administration, impact management, and reporting software to kickstart your recovery and improve resiliency & efficiency

Invest in a 'digital nerve center' to manage and monitor all your recovery & resiliency initiatives, including ARPA & CARES grant management, impact, and reporting.

With automated workflows, powerful analytics, and robust dashboards, you can improve the efficacy and efficiency of ARPA-funded initiatives.

Reduce the need for time-consuming manual data entry or new administrative expenses with streamlined application & project management and push-button compliance reporting.

It's time to invest in digital infrastructure to accelerate recovery, improve efficiency, reduce new admin costs, and enhance impact.

Rapid Deployment

Our ready-to-go application makes it easy to quickly start making data-driven decisions to distribute aid and execute ARPA-funded initiatives.

Single System of Records

Centralize all emergency-related grants, projects, and payments from application to disbursement to conclusion

More than Metrics

Manage your day-to-day activities, beneficiaries, and outcomes in a centralized location. Improve performance with real-time data.

Capital & Grant Management

Allocate funds, track spending, and manage your budget, which will accelerate claims, reimbursements, and compliance reporting

Real-Time Data

Visualize live performance measures, status and risk updates with roll-up information from projects and services at every level of government



ARPA (The American Rescue Plan Act) provides financial and direct relief to government agencies to help restore the American economy and build resilient communities. Treasury guidance gives government agencies flexibility to use recovery funds on essential investments in digital infrastructure.

With millions in ARPA and CARES Act funding (and more on the way) and a new set of mandates, state & local agencies have to manage a flood of data from new and expanded initiatives & investments. With existing IT systems that don't talk to each other and limited staff bandwidth, agencies are spending too long on processing applications, manually creating reports, and gathering compliance data.


Government agencies with over 50K population can access the US Treasury Submission Portal (click here).

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YES! The US Treasury has encouraged counties to "build their internal capacity to successfully implement economic relief programs, with investments in data analysis, technology infrastructure, and impact evaluations."

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How does ARPA-funded software help my government?

Centralized Management & Reporting for Grant & Fund Administration

Accelerate Economic Relief & Recovery with Better Data Management

Enhance Community Engagement and Nonprofit Partnerships

Corecentra's Emergency Response & Recovery Impact Management (ERIM) software qualifies for ARPA and CARES funding, allowing governments to quickly deploy ERIM. In light of the extraordinary demands placed on the public sector in this crisis, we are proud to offer up to 75% in discounts to frontline agencies (e.g. cities, counties, school districts, state agencies, etc.). 

Corecentra is offering a fast-track software solution to enhance grant administration, project management, and compliance & reporting. Our ERIM software tackles several unique challenges created by the pandemic with next-generation digital infrastructure, dashboards, and analytical tools. With ERIM, you can easily manage and integrate data from all government initiatives while automating time-consuming data gathering tasks. Applications include:
  • Portfolio fund contribution and disbursal with seamless links to project management
  • Budget & expenditure tracking at the program, project, and service level
  • Supply logistics and distributions
  • Operational tasks with multiple ‘moving parts’ and contributors
  • Community partner & aid contributor management
  • Documents & image tracking for claims purposes
  • Real-time monitoring & analysis of impact (i.e. results & outcomes of every dollar spent)


More than just metrics.

Digital Tools & Software

Leverage ARPA-funded software to improve your agency's digital infrastructure and resilience. Reduce manual work, increase effectiveness, and build trust across your community.

State & Local Gov't Services

Government agencies with over 50K population can access the US Treasury Submission Portal (click here).

Departments We Serve

Manage Your Initiatives, Funds, Grants

Organize your relief & recovery activities and initiatives across all departments. Manage and centralize data for:
  • Emergency Programs
  • Relief Activities & Programs
  • Community Initiatives
  • Supply Collection & Distribution
  • Stimulus Funding & Budgets
  • Patient & Customer Assistance
  • Employee Support
  • Case Management & Contact Tracing


Monitor Your Real-Time Progress

Stay on track and update impact & beneficiary information through real-time dashboards. View live analytics on:

  • Activity results & outcomes
  • Project risks, tasks, and status
  • Finances (budget vs spend)
  • Community Engagement
  • Fund & resource distribution

Report Your Social & Operational Performance

Share your progress & impact with stakeholders, employees, and communities. Run reports on:

  • Overall Impact on Communities
  • Economic Contributions
  • Real-Time Progress
  • Fund and Capital Performance